Solar Heating – for domestic hot water, in-floor radiant and spa/pool heating. We can integrate your solar with your new or existing radiant and domestic hot water system.

High Efficiency Boiler Retrofitting - replacing old inefficient and unreliable systems with the latest products from Western Europe where heating conservation has been practiced for decades not years.

Biomass Fuel – Wood Pellet and Chip Boiler installations. Wood gasification (turning our dead and dying pine trees into fuel) is in the process of being an acceptable alternative fuel. Silverthorne has recently approved wood pellet stoves because of its low carbon emissions. CO levels are equal to decay in forests reducing fire hazards and creating “green jobs” locally.

Mobile Emergency Heating - system can handle up to an 18-unit condo/apartment building and is available on an emergency basis until the existing heating system is repaired or replaced.

Domestic Hot Water - Hot water-—such a basic component of modern life, is one of the best applications of solar energy. Most people don't even realize how much energy they use just heating water for dishes, laundry, baths, etc. Solar thermal is a great way to heat your pool or spa while not using tons of fossil fuel energy.

Humidification – Adjusting your low humidity in the mountains will provide greater comfort and savings while preventing your fine wood furnishings from damage.

Remote Monitoring – Freeze Alarms can monitor your boiler and home 24-hours a day and alert you that the temperature is approaching dangerous levels so action can be taken before frozen pipes has occurred. It can remotely turn your temperature up and down via any telephone.

Hydro Air – Even forced hot air furnaces can be retrofitted using high efficiency boilers with an air handler/water heater which gives you great saving and comfort.

Snow Melt Specialist – Although Heatmeister strongly disapproves the usage of snowmelt systems, we service existing or new installations using high efficiency equiptment.

Turd Herding – Don’t call a plumber for your solar or heating needs! We do not clear drains; we only provide efficient and reliable heating and solar systems.

Listen to me now, believe me later!!